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CH Spiceisle in the Still of the Nite

CH Spiceisle in the Still of the Nite "Nick"


Nick, CH Spiceisle in the Still of the Nite, lives in North Wales with his new owner Jane Williams.

In the U.K. his new registered name became AM CH Spicisle in the Still of the Nite at Sharex.



nick’s profile


At the Darlington Show, Sept. 16, 2007, in England under breeder judge John Geraghty, Nick went Best of Breed in an entry of 34 English Toy Terriers and was awarded his 3rd Challenge Certificate (CC) attaining his U.K. Championship!

Jane Williams, N. Wales, with Nick, her Am & UK CH. Spiceisle In The Still Of The Nite at Sharex. Photo by Kevin Hughes at the September 2007 Darlington, England, shows. Nick had just taken UK 3rd Challenge Certificate and Best Of Breed to become a new UK Champion. Congratulations Jane and Nick! TUK makes Nick the 2nd Manchester in UK history to accomplish this UK feat.

Nick was owner-handled by Jane for each of his CC's. Jane expresses her great appreciation for the support and assistance of Mark Burns throughout Nick's campaign.



uk champion
vWD Clear by Parentage

CH Spiceisle in the Still of the Nite "Nick" Pedigree


CH Saint Lazar's Lance


CH Saint Lazar's Ace Ventura

CH Saint Lazar's Klay ROM, HOF

Saint Lazar's Bell Of Georgia

Forest Grove Sara Of St. Lazar

CH Pamelot's Paul

CH Forest Grove's Cagle Caper


CH Spiceisle Siren Song ROM "Ariana"



CH Rosewood Rowdy Rebel ROM, HOF "Rebel"

CH Rosewood Sherman Tank ROM, HOF

CH Rosewood Treasures Of Phil ROM

CH Rosewood Big Time ROM "Tristan"

CH Rosewood Ambition

CH C R Just The Cat's Meow ROM, HOF

Nick's Family


Nick's daughter CH Sharex Simply Stunning and her breeder Jane Williams in North Wales.

SIRE. UK/Am CH Spiceisle in the Still of the Nite at Sharex

DAM: CH Amalek Making Whoopie for Heartspride


November 2008: Nick's daughter, "Havi" in Finland went Best Of Breed and Terrier Group One her first time out!

She is Eburacum Grindstones Grace owned by Eine. Congratulations Havi and Eine!

Nick's kids and Grandkids are making waves in the UK. Their accomplishments include:

  • Randallcarr Black Jack is Nick's grandson and a Dog CC Winner
  • Heartspride Hot or What "Pipkin" is Nick's Daughter and a BITCH CC Winner. Toby Nokes is the breeder/owner/handler.
    • 1St cc Leeds judge Mrs Betty Flavel and B.O.B.
    • 2nd cc Welsh kennel Club Judge May Robinshaw
    • 3rd cc darlington judge John Fothergill and B.O.B.
  • Heartspride Hot Favourite = Nick's son and an RCC Winner
  • Randallcarr Suzie Que = Nick's granddaughter Best Puppy Winner
  • Eburacum Grindstones Grace is Nick's daughter B.O.B and Terrier Group 1 Winner

    Congratulations to all the ETT breeders who were able to see what this magnificent Toy Manchester could bring to their own breeding program. The quality of the sire & dam equals results in the show ring. Spiceisle is so proud of Nick and of my very dear friend, Jane Williams, his mom/owner/handler.
Nick's Daughter "Dallas"
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