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An introduction to Spiceisle Manchesters

We hope you enjoy meeting some of our Toy Manchester Terriers. From time to time, we have available Champion young dogs and Champion adults that we either have or are going to retire from the show ring. Also see our available puppies and retired manchesters.

At Spiceisle, we are very selective in the breedings that we do - with both our dogs and bitches. With this in mind, it is vital for us to ensure Spiceisle continue to add to all the wonderful qualities of our breed. First we need to understand Manchester breed type: the beautiful profile with the slight rise over the loin, the deep chest, that distinctive tuck up, a jet black coat with rich mahogany markings, that typifies Manchester breed type and what sets them apart from all other terriers. In addition they have to have correctness of structure, sweetness of temperament, and soundness of body and mind in order to do the job they were bred to do.

Our current stud dogs are available by private arrangements. We have also collected some of our males and have frozen semen available for those who cannot ship their bitch(es). We are an easy commute to the Spokane International Airport in Spokane, Washington, which allows for convenient shipping of bitches or frozen semen.

We provide pedigree, family history, and health information on our dogs. We're always happy to work with reputable breeders desiring to produce fine quality dogs. We believe it is the primary responsibility of a breeder to thoroughly research and review all potential breedings in order to maintain the integrity of the wonderful Manchester Terrier breed.

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