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Recipient of 2011 AKC Awards

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Gold Bred By Medallion, Breeder of Merit and AKC/AMTC Breed Mentor

  • 2011 AKC Gold Bred By Medallion

Bred-By-Exhibitor medallions are awarded to those exhibitors that complete all points required for their conformation championship title by advancing to the winners competition from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. These Special Medallions are in recognition of each individual's valuable contribution to the sport of purebread dogs, who as the breeder-owner-handler of five (Silver) or ten (Gold) different dogs that have become champions of record and received an original Bred-By Medallion through their participation in AKC Events.

  • 2011 AKC Breeder of Merit

AKC Breeder of Merit recognizes participants who are dedicated to breeding beautiful purebred dogs whose appearance, temperament, and ability are true to their breed.  

  • 2011, 2012 AKC/AMTC Breed Mentor

Mentors provide immediate feedback on observations made by the student-judges on dogs in the ring.  They assist the student judges in interpreting and applying the Standard through explanation and observation, are thoroughly familiar with the AKC Standard for the Manchester Terrier and able to justify all observations with standard-specific language.  

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