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About Spiceisle

Spiceisle Highlights

Hi!  My name is Zandi Spicer. I share a home in Spokane, Washington, with my husband, Larry End and a few Toy Manchester Terriers (TMT's). Seems TMT's are like potato chips, one is NEVER enough!  By the way, Larry is putty in their little paws!!

kailee and zandi

Larry is a native of Washington state and a professional truck driver for U.R.M. stores. He's been bringing those groceries to our tables for 35+ years. His first purebred dog was a German Shepherd named Del's Buddy Boy.

I am a 4th generation Coloradan and grew up on a cattle ranch in NW Colorado. Animals have always been a part of my life. If my mom or dad ever wanted me for something, it was find my horse, find me. We were usually out roaming the hills. When I became a member of the highly competitive 4-H judging team I gained invaluable experience in evaluating structure. We judged all types and breeds of cattle, sheep and even hogs. Once a year there was a huge state-wide competition in Fort Collins, CO. Exciting times for a girl, in what used to be an all boys club. For many years I was owner/operator of a riding school, where I trained the rider as well as the horse(hunter-jumpers). That experience gave me a whole new insight into evaluating, judging conformation and showmanship. Training horses and riders is very rewarding, but it could be a hair-raising experience at times!

My dog showing career began in Denver, CO. with Dalmatians and Whippets. Who knew that moving to Spokane, WA in 1988 would give me a whole new career?

I have been a Realtor since 1989 and spent my first 13 years with Windermere, then in 2002 I joined RH Cooke and Associates. I saw my first Toy Manchester in 1993 at the Gonzaga College campus where the local all breed show was being held. The beauty and elegance of the Manchester caught my eye immediately and I was hooked. I purchased my first Manchester, Rosewood Limited Addition (Lexi) in April 1996 from Rosewood Manchesters. Five months later, Lexi and I arrived at Betty and Darrell's home on a mission... a second Toy Manchester for me and that last point for Lexi. Mission accomplished! New Champion Rosewood Limited Edition, and four month old Rosewood Big Time (Tristan), all flew home to Spokane. Picture this: 2 TMT's, 2 Sherpa bags, and 1 of me! NOT an experience I care to repeat anytime soon!  (My nails WERE long when I left LA for Spokane!)  Thank you Betty & Darrell Hodges and Phil Shane for such a great start.

My Manchester Mission

Keeping the written standard in mind, I strive for the Toy Manchester Terrier's eye-catching beauty, natural elegance, glorious rich color, correct size and soundness. Form to function should always apply to our Manchesters. Even though the TMT is classified as a Toy with AKC, they still must have agility, strength and endurance to do the job they were bred for - hunting and chasing. Toy Manchester breeders know that these little dogs can be very serious munchers, so special attention should always be paid to their diet.

Some Spiceisle Highlights

My first litter produced Multi-Group Placers Ch. Spiceisle Gold Strike "Striker", and Ch. Spiceisle Gold Chip. Striker is an AMTC Specialty Winner (1998), and went on to win a Group 2 that day! 

Ch. Spiceisle Kentucky Blue "Tucker" is a Group 1 Winner, as well as Multi-Group placer. 

Spiceisle's greatest accomplishment so far was winning the National AMTC Specialty in 2004 with BISS CH Spiceisle Sweet Song of Angels ROM, HOF, "Kailee."  Kailee was an AOM (Award of Merit) at the AMTC 2003 National, at only 9 months of age. Kailee received a pre-invitation to the 2005/2006 Westminister Kennel Club Show in NY City.  She was also invited to the 2005/2006 Eukanuba shows.



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